Hey everybody !!
Introducing my new blog DropBooks.As the name suggests its an online  guide that helps you break out off the sluggish , boring world of books and enter in to the real world of practical , interactive learning.
I am not against books in any way.Everything that I have learn’t is from books and other resources.But my endeavor was rather painful and soon I realized that the books are a unilateral effort to educate and lack the  IF(Interacting Factor).Books are rich in knowledge,but they fail to provide proper methods and applications.Like the books on programming,they tell you everything about the language,but when it comes to explaining installation processes,errors or more off-topic things,they fail.
Here I am starting a new endeavor which has a basic aim.Aim to provide painless,convenient and easily graspable learning.I am not a professor or any educationists,I am just a self-educated student wanting to share my knowledge.Here,I will churn out a series of tutorials on various topics,viz. C,C++,Java,HTML,CSS,JavaScript,PHP,etc. and a comprehensive guide on website building.
I wont limit myself to only programming languages,but as it is just a kick-off I want to start with my field of expertise.But I promise that I will bring more to this platform,I have invited my friends,who would be glad to share with you their knowledge on wide stuff like,Poetry,Psychology,Graphic Designing and much more!
And I urge you readers to be a part of this blog and share your own learning experience!