You can’t throw your dice without the sight of a playing board. Such is the case with web development to be successful you must know what you are doing. In our pursuit of website development we need a number of tools to optimize our productivity. So here are some basic softwares you need. We’ll look at some pro stuff a bit later.

Browser:Its a software that understands HTML and its friends. It displays web pages.

A browser is necessary to test your code and that the website looks the way it is intended to be.

There are a number of browsers in the market the most popular of them are:

  • Internet Explorer(anything above Ie6)
  • Firefox
  • Google chrome
  • Opera

Internet Explorer still dominates the browser market with about 70% market share. So it’s a must have.

Second most popular is browser firefox (another must have).Different browser handle code in a different way(we’ll elaborate on that a bit later) so the same website may look a lot different in firefox than it looks on Internet explorer.

Text Editor:A text editor is a program that is, in some ways, like a word processor. It differs from a word processor by only supporting pure text, and often contains features designed for writing computer programs. Text editors are the central tool used by software developers to write code.

Well you need software to put your code in. A simple text editor will do.

  • Notepad (default for windows users.)
  • gedit (Linux users).
  • Notepad++

You can also write your code in Microsoft word or any other text editor of your liking.

To open these editors follow these steps-

For notepad(windows)-

  1. Click on start menu on your task bar .
  2. Click on the run option.
  3. A input box will open
  4. type notepad and press enter.

For gedit(gnome,Debian distributions)-

  1. Click on Applications menu bar from the top panel.
  2. Select the Accessories option.
  3. Another menu opens on the right side .
  4. Click on the Terminal.
  5. Terminal window opens.
  6. Type gedit and press enter.