The server-side client side paradox

The most frustrating and confusing thing about web development is the question which language handles what?

The client-side languages brings in the fun (they make INTERNET a happening place),the interactivity to the websites. From flashing headlines to rollover images to constantly refreshing news. They do it all for you! Client-side side languages include- CSS,Javascript,vb-script and Java-applets. But there is a down side to all this flash and jitter(yes, what shines is not gold all the time).Client-side programming is stung by not one but a number of bugs , cross browser compatibility,ignorant non-upgrading users and rather more stubborn browser makers. To add to all this client-side languages don’t have the right to access the server nor they can write to the clients system. The fact that browsers , there makers and users have made web a very uncertain place. Nothing is sure, you spend half of your intellect making the best product of your life ,everything is going good but there is a great probability that your product may not work for users on there systems. These languages are a great help to customize your website and save you from a lot of headache(but the headache they bring with them is rather more painful).With the existence of these highly applicable languages ,there exists(co-exists) a world full of font tags and bg colors. The fact that browser compatibility has made masters of this universe to stay away from these technologies. Websites like yahoo and amazon still don’t use these technologies more openly or courageously. Though small and lesser known sites have accepted them with open arms and use them. My personal take on this is that these languages should phase out the older(and there upgrades) languages and these languages must replace them.

Server-side scripting is where the glamor the lies. People that make Internet a personalized place. Where every user has an unique identity of his own ,specially customized page. Server-side scripts are like invisible heroes ,they lie some where between the server and the client. Filling in spaces and mediating. Server-side Web scripting is mostly about connecting Web sites to back end servers, such as databases.

They perform to basic functions-

  1. Web pages can be assembled from back end-server output.

  1. Customer-entered information can be acted upon.

Server-side scripts though slow down performance as when ever you have to do something you have to go back to the server. Internet speeds have still not reached the mark where server-side scripts could load something and the user will not know. Every time when a script asks for a page, the user has to wait(sometimes the wait seems to be never ending).This downsides the server-side languages to completely take over the INTERNET scripting space.

Conclusion-Use client-side language to handle immediate events. Use server-side technologies to tackle mare complex situations